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El Padrino Colombia Huila Blonde Roast K-Cup Pods - 16 Pack

El Padrino Colombia Huila Blonde Roast K-Cup Pods - 16 Pack

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El Padrino Colombia Huila Blonde Roast K-Cup Pods - 16 Pack

Welcome to the lighter side of luxury with Jittrs' El Padrino Blonde Roast, now available in a generous 16-pack of K-cups. This offering is perfect for those who cherish the subtler nuances of a premium coffee experience, straight from the lush fields of Colombia's Huila region.

Elegant, Smooth, and Subtly Complex: El Padrino Blonde Roast brings a refined touch to your coffee repertoire. Crafted from beans grown in the optimal climate of Huila, this roast is all about highlighting the inherent qualities of the coffee cherries. Enjoy a cup that's vibrant and light, with delicate floral notes, a hint of citrus zest, and a clean, crisp finish that refreshes and delights.

More Coffee, More Clarity: We've packed 50% more coffee into each of our K-cups to enhance the bright, clear flavors that blonde roast enthusiasts adore. It’s a smoother, richer coffee experience in every sip.

Sustainable Sipping: Jittrs is committed to sustainability, not just in sourcing but in every step from our door to yours. Our K-cups are made with environmentally conscious materials, ensuring your coffee habit supports eco-friendly practices.

Perfect For:

  • Coffee lovers who prefer a lighter roast that doesn’t compromise on flavor or intensity.
  • Those who enjoy a gentle yet effective pick-me-up at any time of the day.
  • Aficionados who appreciate the art of coffee and the nuanced tastes of a well-crafted blonde roast.

How to Enjoy:

  1. Pop an El Padrino Blonde Roast pod into your coffee machine.
  2. Select your desired brew size to customize the strength and depth.
  3. Savor the elegant simplicity and intricate flavors of Huila in every cup.

Inside Each Box:

  • 16 K-cup pods of El Padrino Colombia Huila Blonde Roast, promising a refined and rejuvenating coffee experience.

Elevate your coffee moments with El Padrino Blonde Roast. It’s more than just coffee; it's a sophisticated escape in every cup. Also available in 1lb and 2lb whole bean or ground bags for those who love the ritual of grinding their own coffee.

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