About Jittrs Coffee Roastery

Welcome to the world of Jittrs, where passion for coffee meets a commitment to quality. Jittrs is a veteran-owned small business dedicated to bringing you the finest coffee experience.
Our Story
Founded with love and a deep-rooted appreciation for the art of coffee, Jittrs was born out of the desire to share exceptional coffee with fellow enthusiasts. The journey begins with the pursuit of the finest green coffee beans, carefully sourced for their unique flavors and characteristics.
Quality Roasting
At Jittrs, we believe in the magic that happens when quality meets craftsmanship. Our small batch roasting process ensures that each bean is treated with the attention and care it deserves. Roasting to order guarantees that you receive coffee at the pinnacle of its flavor profile, offering you a truly fresh and aromatic experience with every sip.
Online Convenience, Local Charm
Embracing the digital age, Jittrs will deliver its exquisite coffee straight to your doorstep. Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting your journey, our online platform will make it easy to explore and order our curated selection of beans. For those who love the personal touch, catch us at local pop-ups.
Family-Owned and Veteran-Operated
Jittrs is more than just a coffee brand; it's a family affair. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and service is deeply rooted in our values. As a veteran-owned and operated business, we bring discipline, dedication, and a sense of duty to every aspect of what we do. Our mission is simple: roast each cup of coffee with love and expertise.
Join the Jittrs Journey
Embark on a coffee journey with Jittrs and discover the rich flavors and aromas that make each cup a moment to savor. From our family to yours, we invite you to experience the passion and craftsmanship that defines Jittrs Coffee.