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Jittrs Coffee

12oz bag- Jittrs: Fudged Up Coffee

12oz bag- Jittrs: Fudged Up Coffee

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Fudged Up Coffee - 12oz Bag

Brace yourself for Fudged Up, Jittrs' coffee that's not just a blend—it's a statement. This is where the line between audacious and downright rebellious blurs, offering a coffee experience for those who don't just sip, they make a statement.

Unrestrained, Bold, and Utterly Uncompromising: Fudged Up is a full-frontal assault on your taste buds. It's our darkest, most sinister roast yet, intertwined with a hint of decadent fudge flavor that's as unapologetic as your boldest ambitions. Each whole bean is a mini-anarchy, waiting to disrupt your coffee routine with a flavor that shouts, not whispers.

Crafted for the Fearless: These beans are for the rule-breakers, the night-riders, the renegades of the coffee world. Fudged Up isn't just a choice; it's a lifestyle. For those who grind their own beans, as they grind through life—relentlessly and without apology.

Dark as Your Deepest Desires: Dive into the abyss with a coffee so dark and rich, it's like the sweet echo of a rock anthem in a cup. It's the coffee that doesn't just wake you up; it shakes you awake, demanding attention and respect.

Sustainably Rogue, Ethically Unchained: Our commitment to sustainability isn't just talk. Fudged Up beans are responsibly sourced, ensuring every cup supports not just your craving for intensity but also the planet's need for care.

Perfect For:

  • Those who laugh in the face of danger and sip in the face of the mundane.
  • The rebels, the artists, and the mavericks who demand a brew that's as untamed as their spirit.
  • Anyone who's ever thought, "Why just wake up when you can wake up Fudged Up?"

How to Ignite the Chaos:

  1. Measure your Fudged Up beans, face the day, and grind them down. (skip if they are ground for you)
  2. Brew with the ferocity of a storm, tempered by the precision of a master.
  3. Sip, savor, and unleash the anarchy of flavors in your very own rebellion in a cup.

What's Inside:

  • 12oz of Fudged Up Coffee, not just a bag of beans, but a manifesto in every brew.

Join the uprising with Fudged Up. It's more than coffee—it's a battle cry.

Try it in our K-cups.

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