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Mexico Altura Chiapas Dark Roast K-Cup Pods - 12 Pack

Mexico Altura Chiapas Dark Roast K-Cup Pods - 12 Pack

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Mexico Altura Chiapas Dark Roast K-Cup Pods - 12 Pack

Step into the shadows with Jittrs' Mexico Altura Chiapas Dark Roast – where boldness meets sophistication in the depths of flavor. This is not your ordinary dark roast; it's a deep dive into the heart of darkness, where only the bravest coffee lovers dare to tread.

Deep, Intense, and Uncompromisingly Bold: Crafted from the finest beans sourced from the rugged terrain of Mexico Altura Chiapas region, this dark roast is for those who savor the richness of life. Each cup is a testament to the power of a perfect roast, offering a complex tapestry of flavors with smoky undertones and hints of dark chocolate. It's dark, it's daring, it's downright delicious.

Packed with Extra Boldness: True to Jittrs' style, our K-cup pods pack 50% more coffee, because more is always better. Embrace the intensity of a truly bold brew that's as unyielding as your spirit. This is coffee that doesn't just wake you up; it invigorates, it inspires, it ignites.

Eco-Friendly, Flavor-First: Our commitment to the planet is as strong as our coffee. Enjoy your dark roast knowing that our pods are designed with eco-conscious materials, ensuring that every sip supports sustainable practices.

Perfect For:

  • Night owls and early risers who demand a coffee that matches their intensity.
  • Connoisseurs of the dark roast who appreciate layers of flavor beyond the ordinary.
  • Adventurous souls looking for a coffee that challenges the palate and rewards the daring.

How to Experience:

  1. Insert a Mexico Altura Chiapas Dark Roast pod into your beloved coffee machine.
  2. Choose your brew size for an experience that's as bold as you are.
  3. Let the dark, rich aroma envelop you as you prepare to conquer the day (or night).

Inside Each Box:

  • 12 pods of Mexico Altura Chiapas Dark Roast, ready to unleash the full force of flavor upon your senses.

Dare to explore the dark side with Jittrs' Mexico Altura Chiapas Dark Roast. This is more than just a coffee; it's a journey to the core of what makes coffee great – boldness, depth, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Dark roasted Mexico Altura Chiapas, also available in 1lb and 2lb bags.


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